PT Liquid4 (4ml) 20Test/Vial

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PT Liquid 2 _ PT Liqud 4 910818PT LIQUID is a Thromboplastin extracted from rabbit brain, stable, liquid and ready to use, for the determination of Prothrombin Time according to Quick. It contains the Tissue Factor, lipids and calcium ions and is used for the study of the extrinsic way of coagulation. PT LIQUID is a Thromboplastin highly sensitive to Vitamin K antagonists, at low levels of extrinsic pathway factors (Factor II, V, VII and X), to hereditary or acquired coagulation disorders, to liver failure.

When the Calcic Thromboplastin PT LIQUID is added to the patient’s plasma, the formation of a fibrin clot is induced in a measurable time either manually or by optical and mechanical instrumentation.

PT4-2 LIQUID MTD CO1020 – CO1030 – ENG REV 11-2018

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