Creatine Kinase MB LS (3x20ml+1x15ml) 75

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Optimized UV test according to DGKC (German Society of Clinical Chemistry) and IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry) for CK with inhibition of CK-M isoenzymes by monoclonal antibodies. CK-MB consists of the subunits CK-M and CK-B. Specific antibodies against CK-M inhibit the complete CK-MM activity (main part of the total CK activity) and the CK-M- subunit of CK-MB. Only CK-B activity is measured, which is half of the CK-MB.

Creatine Phosphate + ADP  (CK-B)   →   Creatine + ATP

ATP + D-Glucose     ( HK)     →   G-6-P + ADP

G-6-P + NADP  (  G-6-PDH)     →    D-Gluconate-6-phosphate + NADPH + H+

Increasing the concentration of NADPH, causes an increase of absorbance of solution, measurable fotometrically at 340 nm, proportionally to activity of enzyme in the sample.


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